But they don't want to.

"But they don't like to do that," the woman would tell me over and over.  I was there to work with her and her dogs, they had literally taken over and had the woman at their mercy.  Each time we would implement a new rule the woman would try and then tell me "they don't like this."   "Really? too bad," was my response.  Many people who have dogs just don't get it; the whole guidance thing.  Dogs need  to have leadership to live in our human world, bottom line.  Even the best of dogs, my Lassie in poodle clothing; Tilley needed instructions.

If dogs are left to their own, offered no guidance throughout life they can get into trouble.  This does not only apply to the tougher type dogs, wrong decisions will be implemented by all if they are not shown the correct way.  When an owner chooses not to give guidance to their dog, to let their dog make all their own choices they fail as a dog owner.

Guidance can be huge life lessons or very small bits and pieces that make up our day to day.  Watching people with their dogs when we are out in the park is quite enlightening.  There are people who approach us and offer no guidance to their dog.  Sure they are saying "Fido don't pull or no Fido those people don't want to see you," but their dog is not listening.   The people are saying empty words, you can see by this simple act that they do not have a leader/follower relationship.   Then there are those who allow their dog to lunge, bark and growl and then tell you "ya they do that."  Hmmmmmm.

My voice of guidance is a low throat sound, no words just an authoritative sound with substantial impact.  My dogs learn it from the get go and I rarely have to raise my voice.  I also use ahhhh and body language to get a directive across.  When I am very displeased with a behavior I will make a range of commotions creating a clear and appropriate message.   

Can you imagine going through life without any type of guidance or lessons?  No one to ever show you the way?  Teaching our dogs how to live in a human world is pretty easy.  It just takes patience, supervision and lessons, daily lessons on life each step of the way.