Feeding canines

I have a new section within my blog, this is the first issue.

 "Elsa in the OC" - Adventure #1

Trying out her sample, Elsa just turned one and most definitely looks all grown up now.  :(

There is most definitely a big trend today in feeding real and raw food to our dogs.  There are companies that make both raw and cooked for our dogs now and you can buy it frozen at a pet store or have it shipped.  Wednesday afternoon I took a much overdo trip to Just Food for Dogs in Newport Beach, they make a cooked real food menu for dogs.  I took Elsa because she loves food, Luke not so much.  When we got there Elsa was thrilled that we had arrived and began her greeting process while beating my legs to death with her tail.  I talked to Kelly who is a RVT (registered veterinary technician) and works for Just Food for Dogs.

She filled me in on all the products, how they make the food, costs and shipping.  I was amazed that they not only ship locally but nationwide.

Then it was time for Elsa to have a taste test and she was more than happy to oblige.  She was quite polite about the whole deal, I was very proud of my little one year old.

Elsa thanking Kelly for the wonderful food sample. 

I'm really excited that Just Food for Dogs makes real food available for people and their dogs.  So many dog owners are very interested in feeding real food but are apprehensive about doing it themselves.  This takes all the pressure off.  It comes pre-made, fresh (locally) or frozen (locally or shipped).  I often discuss cooking for dogs and the response is commonly "I don't cook for myself, I'm not cooking for my dog."  Well, if you feel this way but would love to offer your dog a higher quality nutritional food then this is the way to go.   

Here Justin, Kitchen Manager mixes up a special order.

While I was there Justin not only mixed up a special "sick dog" order but was mixing "pot belly pig" food.  They work hard to accommodate everyone's special needs, even pigs.  Their food is made on the premises and never sourced out, great news.  As well as food they make treats and pupsicles.   I bought the big bag of dried chicken; I really like the idea of having extra protein to offer throughout the day and as training treats and knowing it is not from China.  

Checking out the shops in Balboa

Seeing that Elsa and I were already in Newport we hit Balboa Island for a quick walk around.  We took in a few sights, worked on not eating the pigeons (which she did amazing at) and then head for home with our goodies.  

We also came home with a couple of pupsicles.  Here Elsa is enjoying the beef flavor.  Peanut butter is in the  freezer for tomorrow.  

Don't cook?  Don't want to?  Afraid to take the step to real food?  Worried about getting all the nutrition into your dog?  Just Food for Dogs is a great option.