Just dogs with Sherri

It is very quiet this morning, the sun is still tucked far behind the trees and Luke is fast asleep.  Elsa is out on a run with her Dad.  It amazes me in the very early morning how she can go from a deep sleep to running in a heart beat and with such enthusiasm.  Luke has lost that youthful early morning zest and is much happier taking his own sweet time to get up.  He typically is still asleep when I get back from the gym and then some.  I often have to tell him that it is time to get up.  The joys of being a senior.

As I was enjoying my first cup of coffee and watching the crows fly around my backyard I thought about my blog and what to blog about.   I have over the years had questions about my name, my business name that is.  Just dogs with Sherri.  So where the heck did it come from?  I've been Just dogs with Sherri for a very long time.  Before that I was Sound Dogs then Training with Sherri and finally Just dogs.  Sound dogs was a great name when I was just a dog trainer only.  The term Sound was referring to solid, a solid and upstanding dog.  Once trained the dogs then became Sound dogs.

Training with Sherri is pretty self explanatory, right?  Then I wanted something more, something catchy.  I'd been asked so many times, do you do weddings, people or product photography?  Just dogs soon became my default answer.  Sure I've toyed with offering other subject photography but I've stuck with dogs; Just dogs.  Just dogs with Sherri can remain pretty much forever.  Anything that I do, any new ventures business wise are all dog related.

I did consider the negative association with the term Just dogs.  It's just a dog, but I like to think of any negative connotation to the term as another persons problem, not mine.  The negative sense of the term has nothing to do with my Just dogs.  It just doesn't exist in my world, my world that revolves around dogs.  So the whole association only crossed my mind for a fleeting moment and it was gone.  Anyone who considers dogs to be just dogs in a negative is not someone that I am associating with anyway.

So there you have it.  Just dogs came from the simple fact that all of my business is with dogs, Just dogs.  Yes I do shoot other things and I have shot architecture, landscape and food several times but it is the dogs that I am focused on.  Recently when asked if I would photograph a couple for an anniversary with their dogs I explained.  I do dog photography, I am not a people photographer.  My photographs revolve around the human/canine connection.  I do not do posed "smile at the camera," photography.

I read a great article years ago that said that when you decide to venture into a business; choose one thing and specialize.  I took that to heart and chose my specialty, Just dogs.  Whether I am training, shooting, cooking or baking for, walking, playing with or writing about, it is all Just dogs.