Monday again

It's Monday again and we are already into July.  This month came in like a dragon for much of North America, hitting the mid area and East the worst.  It looks like the heat will stay for a while longer so keep your dogs in the shade or AC and well hydrated.  This past weekend was great weather in SoCal; a bit warm late morning and afternoon so getting the dogs out early for a run is a must.  We hit the beach yesterday which was a good 10 degrees cooler than at our house, always a nice bonus.

As the temperatures heat up most dogs slow down, take advantage of this folks.  Especially those of you who have high energy types.  Late afternoon yesterday I sat in the living room with my two.  Luke was on his couch in his spot.  He was dreaming away while Elsa was passed out, sprawled on the floor at my feet.  A gorgeous breeze was coming in and I thought to myself, this is what I think of when people say "a dogs life."  It was quiet, the bird feeder was filled so there were lots of chirping bird sounds as we just chilled.

My husband had hit a book store near us that is closing earlier in the day.  It's not closing until Halloween but we went into have a look.  Of course I went directly the animal section first to see if there was anything good.  I came away from the store with 2 dogs books.  One by Stanley Coren, a very popular pet writer and a book of dog miscellany.   The one by Mr. Coren is a light read for times like yesterday.  The miscellany book will be a pick up and read a page type book for me.  I'll probably leave it in the kitchen.  It is interesting, some things that I've read in it so far are engaging while other parts are useless or redundant.  For 3.00 I can't complain.

I'm not one to sit down and read leisurely very often.  Most of my reading is done with research in mind and very study like.  As I read my book yesterday watching the dogs sleep and the curtains blow lightly with the cool breeze I thought of how much I enjoyed my dogs even while they were sleeping.  They like it when I sit down, they can relax and not follow for a bit.  Some of the best times spent with our dogs are the ones when you are doing nothing.  The simple act of being together can be a powerful one.  We really do need more moments like this in our lives, it most definitely is rejuvenating.    

This morning we will get out early again.  Elsa is in need of a good run so that means getting out before 8 for sure.  First I'm off to the gym, the dogs know the routine and remain in bed until I get back.  Then it will be time for the dogs to get their exercise in and then later today we will once again be working on the dog door.  This dog door thing is quite an issue for Elsa, but we will work through it and she will be hopefully using it in the near future.  Have a great Monday!!!!!