The world we live in

Things use to be simple.  People did things on their own, everything from feeding dogs real food to mending them when they were sick.  Then somewhere it all went wrong and when it went wrong it did so in a big way.  Drugs, drugs and more drugs.  Drugs seem to be the only way to fix things these days.  If you go to the vet and they offer up some cortisone or antibiotics as soon as you say your dog is sick, you are not alone.  Much like human Doctors of today the world of medicine is run by the pharmaceutical companies.

There has been an ongoing question; how much kickback do vets get?  Many veterinarians will say that they do not get kickbacks, others will fess up to it.  The dog food companies also give 'incentives.'  Ever notice that most of the vets have a very nice display of Science Diet in their lobby?  Even though it is one of the worst quality foods out there they still push it.

Bayer to end the kickbacks  to flea medication that is.

The truth behind the lies

The big conglomerate companies that make the big name dog foods are the ones that teach many vets about nutrition.   Nutrition?  Really?  The big pharmaceutical companies sponsor much of the conventions and initial training that a vet receives.

Of course there are great vets out there, the ones who have decided to stand for something.  The Veterinarians who took a vow "first do no harm."  They stand strong by this statement when the big guys are tempting them with serious rewards to turn a blind eye.  It is not easy to find an amazing vet but they are out there and I know several.

Are drugs important?  Yes.  There are times when we really need them, both our dogs and us.  But much of what is given to our dogs is not needed and in fact does more harm.  Does your vet recommend all the annual shots?  Bordatella, the new tick vaccine and recommend that you feed a special Science diet menu?  Then you might want to think about finding a new one.  

There is so much information on the net these days that you can really become educated.  Each and every time I learn about a disease that I have never heard of in dogs I dive into research.  I like to know as much as I can.  Research is your best defense.  I'm not telling you which way to go, that is a very personal decision.  But, do your research and make your own decisions about YOUR dog.  That's right, it is your dog and not your vets dog.

I remember going to the horrible vet that told me never to come back with Tilley.  After the initial consultation they came back to the room with a HUGE list of things they recommended.  Most of it was ridiculous and had nothing to do with why I was there.  As the tech went over the list and I said "no" to more than three quarters of the procedures and drug offers she gave me a funny look.  "Hey, this is my dog."

The great ones are out there, if you look you can find them.