A great walk

Yesterday I had a really great walk with the dogs.  When I got home I was in a great mood, I just felt like "ahhhh, that was nice."  Mostly I get the dogs out once a day, sometimes twice.  I feel that it is very important that they get out and see the sights on a daily basis.  Often a walk turns out to be more work than others.  If there are a lot of dogs out for walks at the same time, if I cannot sneak in some chuck it throws for Elsa or if I just choose a wrong path.

As I was getting the dogs out of the car I noticed the lady with the two Goldens, I see her all the time.  She was done her walk and packing up the dogs to head home.  I had backed up to the curb which makes it less of a jump for Elsa and sometimes Luke likes to jump in the car when we are done so this is a small leap for him.  First things first, we headed off to the fenced in baseball field for Elsa to get her ya ya's out. I let Luke off first and he ran off so happy, in fact he charge off.  Elsa must then sit, get her leash off and wait for me to release her.  Once I do, stand back.  She sprints off to meet Luke then does a huge circle around the field at full speed returning to me to go around and get her throw.

Elsa has been taught to run around me before getting her ball.  This is something that Tilley learned early on in her frisbee career.  It allows you time to get the ball or frisbee out in front of them.  So while throwing the ball for Elsa I made my way across the field to the opening on the other side.  Luke was running and sniffing the perimeter and met up with us when we got there.  Both dogs were leashed and we started our walk then.

We walked through the playground where a very tiny girl shrieked in delight at the sight of Luke and Elsa.  Then over the small wood bridge to the open field.  We took our time, both dogs love to smell as we go.  Elsa is always on the look out for a friend to talk to and we did meet a very nice lady with her shaved Australian Shepherd.  I let Elsa do her greeting but was careful not to allow a tangle, the other dog was 13 years old.  We chatted and then walked together.  She was quite interested to know how the Elsa and Luke thing worked age wise.  I told her that it was great, gave her a bit of detail from our past and then she decided that she was going to get a friend for her dog.  We said goodbye as the Aussie and her head down a different path.

We were stopped several times by walkers and asked "are they related?"  One man with his tiny dogs was amazed when I told him that there was 11 years difference in the two.  He just stared at them shaking his head "really?"

We took the same path that we'd come down to head back because it was still in the shade.  It was getting very hot already and only 8:30 in the morning.  We meandered slowly but I could tell that Elsa could use more running time.  I did a serious perimeter check and there was no one in sight.  Unhooking Elsa she sat with intense anticipation for the "okay."  Then she was off, around me and out after the ball.  The next throw, I sent her out and gave the down sign which while chuck iting, is holding the chuck it up in the air.  She drops immediately to the ground on the other side of the field and I toss the ball.  She does her best to catch it before it hits the ground but misses and scoops it up on the first bounce.  What a girl.

It was hot and she had enough throws for the day so we head towards the Xterra.  I loaded Luke and Elsa into the back and then they had their drink.  Luke is the messiest drinker we've ever had and before they are done both Elsa and I are wet; as is the back of my Xterra.  I love when the two of them stuff their head into the bowl at the same time, they look so cute.  Then it was time for home, I gave them the "watch out," and they both take a step back.  Smiling I closed the hatch "what a nice walk."  I always feel very accomplished when Elsa gets enough ripping in and Luke has had his fill of looking around plus a little romp.