We all know that there are huge differences in dog breeds and mixes.  Size, shape, temperament, personality, coat and color.  From the tiniest chihuahua all the way up to the giant Irish Wolfhounds; there is a plethora of differences from one to another.  But are they really different?  They make look different to the human eye but they are all dogs.  Each and everyone holds the awe inspiring heart that is canine to the core.  When I see the tiny guys wrapped up in human clothing, being carried around like an accessory it makes me shudder.  There is a dog in there just dying to get out and be a dog.

Much the same are the big buff dogs treated as big block heads, given little tenderness because of their outward appearance.  The big and the small are one.  I know many people who have big and small dogs.  The small dogs live in the house and are treated like royalty, the big dogs stay outside where, well big dogs belong right?  Wrong.  I don't get it.    As I sat watching television last night with Elsa curled up on my lap, it made me smile.  Yes she's most definitely a lap full but what a lap full of heart.

Over the years I have met so, so many dogs.  Crazy amounts of dogs actually and each one has given me something.  The most influential commodity that I take away from a meeting is the size of heart in each one.  A canine heart is an amazing thing and a very sad thing to waste.  Seeing the amazing connection between owner and dog is priceless.  To see the soft heart of a big buff dog is a wonderful thing.  Watching them connect with their owner in a way that they exterior does not portray is a wonder.  Just as watching a little guy romp around doing dog things with their owner is a just as special.

There is a man that runs his chihuahua's at our park each day.  Those little dogs could show a Border Collie a thing or two.  It makes me so happy just to watch as him running his dogs.  When I see a big tough image type dog wrapped in the arms of their owner enjoying a tender moment, it makes me smile. Some of the sweetest dogs that I have ever met have come in the form of a very scary looking dog.  Many of the least friendly have been the cutest looking.  We humans have given dogs their shape and size.  We have altered them to suit our fancy.  But in each, beats the same heart; no matter what size the exterior portrays.

Sure their are traits that make each of our dogs very different.  But each dog should be given the chance to be the dog that they can be.  Too much emphasis is put on exterior, it is a human thing that we do.  I remember leaving the beach one day with a very wet and sandy Tilley by my side.  A guy walked by us and said "boy I bet she wishes that she was at the beauty parlor instead of here," making it all too clear.  He couldn't have been more wrong and idiotic in my opinion but it was how many of us look at things.    Yes Tilley was a beautiful poodle but prissy and above getting dirty?  Are you kidding me?  I have also heard many people say to me "I didn't know poodle could catch frisbees."  Really?  I also remember waking up beside a very buff red Doberman who was completely upside down in my bed and snuggled close.  At that very moment I thought to myself "a lot of people would never do this;" let down their guard and snuggle up with a Doberman.  Jake was as sweet as they come and to think of him as simply a big dog and not get into his heart would have been such a loss.

Jessie ran our house of dogs.  She ran it with the heart of a Rottweiler and the body of a whopping 15 pounder.  It is all about heart.  To many outsiders she was a tough, intense and very alpha female.  To me she was that and much more.   Along with her tough exterior was a very soft heart.  She loved nothing more than to snuggle close and under the covers.  I share those same covers with Luke and Elsa now and I shared my covers with a big scary Doberman too.  They all deserve the same, to be allowed to be dogs and granted a space in our heart.  Each and everyone of our dogs should be wrapped in our hearts as they give us theirs.