A day at the beach

I was at the dog beach in Huntington Beach yesterday to shoot some Standard Poodles for a book that I am nearing completion on.  The boys, Wolfgang and Johann were amazing to watch and photograph.  Of course I shot some passers by as well.  Nothing like a morning at the beach for a shoot, honestly.  

"I'm at the beach."  

"Yipee, we're at the beach."

The boys, rough housing.

Lots of this going on at the beach.  Dry off before you go in and get wet again.


Wolfgang after his ball again, amazingly athletic dog.

Hard not to get covered in sand when you are only 2" from it.

Lots being said here.

An adorable big boy (Olde English Bulldog)

This is the big boy's little sister.  Adorable.

Honestly, how cute is she?

Wolfgang and Johann having fun in the surf.

This little man seemed quite startled that I was taking his picture.


More fun.  Dogs love the beach and so do I.