A new look

Yep; there is a new look to Just dogs with Sherri.  Over the past several years I have updated the page now and then.  There will be lots of construction going on my main hub page which is Just dogs with Sherri.  There you will be able to quickly locate all of the other pages connected to Just dogs with Sherri.  I am very excited about one aspect which is a new file on my photography site with some of the rescue dog images that I have taken.  25% of the sales from these images will go to Friends of Orange County's Homeless pets.  Once my main site is all done it will be the 'go to' page for everything dog.  But before then I have a lot of work to do so stay tuned.

Today is a very big and exciting one for me.  Brad, my son who took the road trip with me from CA to CT and our four dogs is coming home.  Many of you got to know Brad through my book PBJ and me.  He was my rock through our six days of travel, emotional ups and downs, great loss and sadness.  A full circle is now complete.  It was a year ago almost to the day that my husband left for NYC and what was to be our new life in the East coast.  So, here we are a year later with the final member returning.  A strange year it was for sure.

Brad is a bigtime runner, he has gotten into doing long distance runs.  I am looking forward to Elsa and him rekindling their relationship and starting a new running team as well.  I know that there is no better running partner than Miss Elsa herself.  Running is in her blood and watching her indulge in one of her favorite activities is pure joy in itself.  No doubt there will be some great photos in the near future with the return of Brad and the full circle now complete.

Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you all on Monday.