Yesterday I was at Hemopet for a photo shoot.  I was very excited to finally meet Dr. Dodds and of course  all the dogs.  I volunteer to photograph a lot of rescue dogs but this is one of the most fun shoots.  Not only are the dogs amazingly gorgeous but they are so sweet and very happy.  Those long whip tails are constantly in motion.  They were all being walked when I was there or playing in the yard where I got to shoot some of them in action.   As I entered the play yard I was instantly the object of investigation.  They all swarmed around me, greeting the newcomer.  I do love my job.  

Most people do not realize that Greyhounds are fairly low maintenance.  Although they come from a life of racing they are not high energy dogs needing to run constantly.  A little sprint around and they are good.  I have heard from many Greyhound owners that they are big couch potatoes.  Greyhounds have extremely soft fur and their skin is very thin and easily torn; this is the reason for the muzzles while in the play area.  They were having so much fun running and playing until it was time for another bunch to enter the playground.  

We took a trip through the room special needs room where the dogs who have medical issues stay.  This girl was sporting a nice warm fleece jacket.  

This guy took a moment from his walk to let me take a photo of him.  What a face.  

Several years ago I did a beautiful black and white rescue Greyhound book.  100% of the profit from the sale of the books goes to Hemopet and their adoption group, Pet Life-line.  It is still available on the link above.  

I have written several blogs about Greyhounds and Hemopet.  The link below is just one.  Hemopet is an amazing facility doing wonderful things for all of our dogs.  Dr. Dodds is on the cutting edge of research on many canine related issues which you can read about on their website at 

Blood banks for dogs

Many of the dogs that I met yesterday are available for adoption right now.  Of course I thought that they were all amazing, but a few of the really big boys stole my heart instantly.  If you are thinking adding another dog to your family, head down to see these wonderful dogs.