It's here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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After finally finishing the photo work, the story line and putting it all together I waited.  I was waiting for my proof copies of 'When Luke Met Elsa,' patiently (okay impatiently).  I heard the truck stop in front of the house and hoped that the box being dropped at the door was my books.  It took all of a split second to open the box and there it was, When Luke Met Elsa.  As you can tell I am sort of excited about this new book.

Luke and Elsa having a first look at Mom's work.  

When Luke Met Elsa is a children's book.  It is about Elsa coming into our family and Luke not being so thrilled with the idea in the beginning.  It details how their relationship grew until Luke couldn't imagine life without her anymore.  Each page holds an image that was specifically chosen for the book after going through literally thousands of possibles.

This book is the first of many children's books to come.   There will be many different stories told through Luke and Elsa which I hope you will enjoy.  When I was trying to put an age on the book I had a difficult time thinking that everyone might enjoy it.  From the very young child being read to all the way up to............................heck, whatever age.  It's a cute book with a great lesson.  I hope that you and your children will enjoy it.