Enjoying dogs, enjoying.

Yesterday I got to spend the afternoon with one of my daughters and my son.  We decided to head down to Laguna beach; where we wandered around and looked for a place to have a drink and a snack.  We stumbled upon a place that none of us had ever seen before; after 14 years living here we'd never noticed it.  It was a small place called The Cliff.  The restaurant was literally on the cliff so yep, good name.    The menu was good BUT the view was extraordinary.  We were right above the beach.

The beach below us was a strip off to the left of the main beach area.  The water was unusually calm; I rarely see it like this.  With the waves lapping up onto the beach gently I wished that I'd brought the dogs.  The three of us (me, Luke and Elsa) are at the beach a lot but typically the waves are pretty large.  Our view was unobstructed with a glass half wall, the beach was laid out in front of us.

We watched and talked about the dogs on the beach.  We were presented with canine entertainment for the entirety of our time that we sat there.  One man swam out really far with his dog (should of had my camera) and as the sun hit from behind they were silhouetted in the shimmering light casting across the ocean.   Another man had his dog off leash, it looked like maybe a pit mix of some sort.  The two were having a blast running through the ankle high waves; everyone was enjoying small waves for a change.  As the two ran and ran through the surf a boxer approached on an extension leash.  The boxers head dropped lower and lower as he got closer to the dog splashing happily through the waves with his owner.  The two met and it was like two friends meeting after a long absence.  We watched so many dogs enjoying the beach with their owner.  Most kept their dogs on leash, which is the law in Laguna beach but a few enjoyed off leash fun.

Not only were there dogs on the beach in front of us but there were many dogs sitting enjoying a meal or snack with their owners at The Cliff.  A Cavalier happily waited for a table with her owners at the entrance.  A little fluffy poodle mix and a Samoyed sat quietly at their owners table.  A Pekingese wandered by just outside of the entrance as a young German Shepherd passed by.  There were dogs everywhere in this very dog friendly beach town.  

I think today I will be heading down to Laguna Beach with of course Luke and Elsa.  One of my absolute favorite things to do is to watch dogs.  Seeing dogs enjoy themselves brings me so much joy.  Even if I am very much a spectator as I was yesterday; I could watch them having fun for hours.