Last one

                                                    I am very lucky to have this as a back drop. 

Yesterday was a very big day; I did a last shoot for my Standard Poodle book.  As I packed up my equipment and threw my bag over my shoulder; the Standards from previous shoots ran through my head.  I remembered the very first shoot for the book.  The book at that time was still in 'idea' mode but I got after it.  You can't do a photography book with no photos so I started the very long and stretched out search for Standard Poodles.  As my first breed photography book I thought that my own breed was a good place to start.  Although I have done a Greyhound book, it was done strictly on rescue dogs and for the non profit Hemopet.  Over the years I considered that perhaps it would have been easier had I chosen Goldens, Labs or Doodles.  Easier yes but this book is most definitely done with love.

I love all dogs, all breeds and all mixes.  I LOVE DOGS.  But I have lived with Standard Poodles now for almost 30 years and I know them inside and out.  I have a huge Facebook group called The Standard Poodle numbering over 6000 now.  Plus we have a local Orange County Standard Poodle group.  So The Standard Poodle seemed like a logical first.

As I headed west for my shoot, I couldn't believe that this was the last.  But as that thought lingered in my head another began to surface, a second Standard Poodle book.  But that is just a thought right now, we'll see how this first one turns out.  There might be another breed or mix book before the next Standard Poodle book, it waits to be seen.

I was a bit early at the marina, never a bad thing.  The wind was up, the sun out and the surf was beautiful.  I wandered around a bit and found this gorgeous boy out with his Mom and Dad for a walk.  We chatted for a while, they had just moved to the area and this was their first walk out with the dogs.  I gave them a few pointers on where to walk there in Dana and they headed on their way.

When my models arrived, I was so happy to see them.  These are longtime friends and two that I did not want to miss having in my book.  So with these two done, I'm done.  The weather could not have been more perfect for this particular shoot.  With my canine models it was a perfect ending. 

Time to get it all together and move onto the next.  I am very excited for this book to be done and out there.  As I go through all the photos, over and over and over; I am very happy with them all.  Some make me laugh, others bring back memories and some literally take my breath away.