Busy busy

Three more sleeps until the big day.  It's a busy time of year so with all the hustle bustle we need to put time aside to chill with our dogs.  Things can be very weird for our dogs as we head out more without them.  If your dog is not accustom to all the goings on they need help to stay grounded.  Luckily my guys are very use to lots of different types of days.  Although they still need their daily outing.  They have just left with their Dad to the park, a nice break for me.

If you are having people over for the Holidays and your dogs are not accustom to lots of visitors then you may want to put them away for a bit and let them adjust slowly to guests.  When we had our party last weekend, we had a big houseful.  The dogs spent time out enjoying our guests as well as some quiet time in my bedroom.  Of course they would like to stay out the whole time but it can be overwhelming if they stay out for the entirety of the party.

Dogs can go missing when there is too much going on in life.  They can also get into things that they might not when it is not the Holidays.  More "stuff" is out and laying about so be aware of things that your dog might get into.  The tree, decorations, goodies etc can be easy targets for even the best of dogs.  Lack of routine can shift some canines into frustration mode so try to get them out for a good energy outlet.

Above all, have fun and don't forget that this time of year can be a challenge for your dog.  Try to help them through it all and have a wonderful Holly Jolly time.  :)