Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone.  I hope that you all had a wonderful Holiday Season and brought in the New Year with a bang.  Another year begins and the resolutions can be heard everywhere.  I have a few resolutions of my own but I'm not typically a resolution type person.  I think that if you want to change something about your life; don't wait till the New Year to do it.  I do know that when I hit the gym this morning that there will be a lot of new faces; there always is at the start of the New Year.

It was dark and early this morning; too early to get up as far as I'm concerned.  But as we lay in bed trying to wake up my hubby talked about what Luke and Elsa's resolutions would be.  Luke's would be to put on a bit of weight; the complete opposite of everyone else.  Spend more time on his favorite couch and with Elsa.  Elsa's would be to further perfect her catching skills, do more snuggling and maybe listen to Dad a bit more.  Ahhhhhhh...................now that would not be Elsa's resolution, that would be her Dad's resolution.  So it should be Dad does more training with Elsa resolution.  

Not listening to Dad is a common complaint that I regularly hear from owners.  Of course my dogs are going to listen to me more than they do their Dad.  I did all the training, I am home during the day with them and they are out with me every day.  But they should also listen to their Dad.  BUT, this is not something that just happens; many times the Dad in the home is simply the play guy.  They do not do any training, guiding, educating or behavior modification so of course the dog does not listen to them when they occasionally have a behavior request.  It takes time to instill this and it is time well spent.

The other day as we were preparing to take the dogs for a walk my husband headed out before me opening the garage door.  I had a hold of Elsa and told Luke to wait.  My husband was getting his car ready first and I didn't want Luke running around the road.  When it was time to get into the car my husband called to Luke.  Luke didn't move and turned around to check with me; it made me smile.  Even though Dad had said he could now go, Mom has the final word.  I had told him to 'wait' so wait he was doing until told otherwise.  I gave him the "okay" and off he trotted to Dad.

Dogs should listen to all the members of their household; but it does not just happen, everyone must work on it.  A little bit of training goes a long way.  It is amazing how a relationship can be changed very quickly with just a little effort.  Dogs adjust easily, humans not so much.  So maybe there are lot's of people out there that need to add a little training work to their New Years Resolution?

Before heading to work this morning my husband said "imagine if everyone had an attitude like Elsa?  It would be amazing."  Imagine...............just imagine if all the grumpy, angry folks just decided to be happy?  Elsa is pretty much happy every moment of the day and night.  She is up for anything or nothing; she happily goes back to bed or for a 5 mile jog, either is good for her.   Happy is a good way to be for anyone and I don't think you can ever be too happy.  So if I had a wish for everyone it would be to be like Elsa, happy.

Happy New Year, I look forward to another great canine year with you all.  :)