Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name.

Isn't it nice to see people you know?  Familiarity?  Having been in the East at the beginning of last year I missed familiarity; no place or face was familiar.  That is until I found my Trader Joe's; that made me so happy.  After a couple of months of hitting the beach there in CT; we started to recognize a few folks and their dogs.  I enjoyed seeing them each time and continuing our conversations from the days before.  Elsa and Luke love seeing their friends; there is a huge difference in their behavior when they see a friend vs. a new guy.

Yesterday we were out at the park when we ran into a friend; Oakley the Springer Spaniel and her owner.  She is the sweetest little thing and both Elsa and Luke really like her.  The week before we had been at the same park, when we pulled up they saw her across the park.  The two of them carried on; whining and crying until I finally released them to go see her.  Luke loves his friends and a friend for him is someone he's met once and got along with.  There are dogs that he has seen and known for years at different parks but they are not friends.

Friends get away with things that strangers would not.  At twelve and a half, Luke doesn't do a whole lot of rough housing other than with Elsa.  He is above all that nonsense now but he still likes to say hi and hang out with his friends.  Weeks and months can go by without seeing them and when we do meet again they get so excited; I love it.

If we hit a park, field or canyon that we haven't been to for a long time; the dogs get very excited.  Especially Luke, having been around much longer than Elsa now.  He has special places where we use to go with Tilley that we are just now visiting with Elsa; I love to see how excited he gets when we arrive.  He runs around hopping like a puppy; looking back at me as if to say "remember this place Mom?"

Last night Penelope arrived for the weekend; she was here last weekend as well.  It was a whirlwind arrival with the two girls diving into mad play immediately while Luke tried to avoid it all.  I could not believe that a second wasn't wasted on arrival formalities; Penelope was not even fully in the house and it began.  Elsa could not have been more excited to see her and their enthusiasm lasted a very long time.  No doubt it will begin shortly; Elsa is skipping her typical snooze routine while I blog and anxiously awaiting her puppy playmate rising.  She has her ear to the door and eye out the patio door to the yard.  She is ready to rumble and her toe is a tapp'n.