A little of this and a little of that

I love that I can feed my dogs pretty much everything.  We are sitting here in bed enjoying our morning snack together like every other morning.  But this morning its meatloaf, cheesy turkey meatloaf; one of my favorites.  We don't always share our 1st breakfast, depends on what we are having.  Our 1st breakfast is small, a light snack before heading to the gym.  For the dogs it is the wake-up food that they have to get them over the 'Mom's at the gym' time.  Then we head out to a park where they get more food.  Often their first breakfast consists of meat, cheese or some pre-made snacks like organic chicken/rice sticks from Trader Joe's.  It all depends on what I'm eating.

Once we are at the park they get more snacks.  I keep all sorts with me but the chicken/rice sticks are a staple pretty much.  I often bring along fresh cooked chicken, beef or liver as well.  This is when Luke loves to eat.  As Elsa does her chuck it time, he eats.  Then back at home and all rested and cooled down it's breakfast time.  Mine and theirs.  Yesterday they had their meatloaf; beef, turkey, salmon, green beans etc.  Then mid afternoon it was bone time, raw beef rib bones covered in meat.  Elsa is surely getting the hang of the bone thing now and dug in right away.  She even stole Luke's when he got up for a bathroom break.

Dinner was beef, raw with broccoli and a bit of oatmeal.  Then before bed it's another snack.  Right now these guys are eating Now by Petcurean as their before bed snack.  This is the time when Luke loves to snack as well.  What a guy.  He lays on our bed and has his before bed snack, then he gets a drink of water without ever having to leave the comforts of his throne; or our bed.  :)  So as you see they eat a big variety of foods even within one day.  Also throughout the day if I am eating something dog appropriate and they are not begging; I share.

The more variety you give your dog the more variety that you can give them.  It makes life much more simple in the feeding department.  I make them their own special cookies which they love and I am always trying new foods out.  There is always something new on the market; not all worth trying but if I think it sounds good we try it.  Variety is the spice of life; it is also the best way to maximize nutritional intake.

If you are a feed only one type of dog food (kibble) type person; step out of your box today and add some variety to your dog's life.  They will thank you for it.