A wrench

Well there is officially a wrench in my life right now but I'm hoping that it will only be here for a short time.  I pushed my leg usage yesterday; I hate nothing more than being sick or injured.  Times when I cannot do my normal routine or whatever it is that I want to do, I get very cranky.  Luke and Elsa missed out on their walk yesterday of course.  But I am going to try today.  I spent a good long time in the yard throwing Elsa's ball for her and she was happy as a clam.  Luke doesn't mind missing a day; his walks are pretty small now, used more for an outing than a physical exercise time.  Of course the movement is good for him because he tends to stiffen up if he lays to long at a time.  But he does like to just get out; most dogs love to go in the car and go somewhere, anywhere.

I'm going to wrap my knee up to keep it stable and try to get on with my day.  I actually got quite a bit done yesterday, albeit at a much slower pace.  I'm a fast walker, my kids use to tell me to slow down all the time.  When Tilley started to slow down I found it very hard to adjust to walking slowly.  I had to so I did and I'm pretty good at it now.  Having lived with Jessie and Tilley through their golden years I learned to walk where you are almost not walking.  It makes you just slow everything down.  I'm not a fast walker because I want to get it over with; I'm a fast walker because I would prefer to get ten things done in a day rather than two.   When I walk my dogs I also walk myself but walks change and they become more of a shared zen time rather than shared exercise outing as dogs grow old.

I have no choice but to slow down now; my knee will just buckle and give out on me.  I've torn something in there; probably my lcl, not fully but partially.  So I'll skip the gym this morning (grumbling) and just go right to our walk.  I will wrap my leg up and brace it the best I can so that I won't further injure it and head out.  Probably driving is going to be the hardest for me as this is my right leg.  But at the moment both Luke and Elsa are enjoying the sounds of distant crows as the sun comes up.  Luke has his head propped up on a pillow and Elsa has just begun to growl and run in her sleep.  I wouldn't trade morning blog writing time for anything.