Dog friendly?

When you have a new puppy it can be a challenge to meet and greet other dogs.  Socializing being of the utmost importance; you must attend to it as soon as you can.  That means getting out and about to find some dog friendly dogs.  If you have friends with dog friendly dogs then you are very lucky.  You can have them over for a visit to play and help to socialize the newest addition.  But if you don't then you need to try to find some.  Lucky for my daughter who is the proud Mama of Penny, she has Elsa and Luke.

Not all dogs who are dog friendly are puppy friendly.  There is a huge difference between saying hi, having a little chat with a mature adult and dealing with the craziness of a puppy.  I remember just a little while back asking people "is she puppy friendly?"  Many are not but it really depends on the puppy.  Elsa was an amazing puppy; she was not the whirling dervish, in your face type puppy.  She was very astute at ready body language and if she was not welcome she knew it and acted appropriately.

It can be very difficult when your puppy is more of a hard head, the type that don't really get the message.  Older dogs must speak louder and take greater action to try to get the message across.  The type of puppies that don't give up easily and persist can get themselves into trouble.  That is where we come in once again.  You must step in and move your puppy away.  Of course canine feedback is essential but if they are young and very foolish you must assist in the learning curve.

Very few strange adult dogs will want a crazy puppy in their face so be sure to always ask.  Let the other dog owner know that your dog is a puppy.  It is really important to have as many positive interactions with other dogs as you can when your puppy is young.  Playing with the dogs at home is great but not enough to create your own dog friendly dog.  You need to seek out as many other dog friendly dogs as you can and have fun.

I am still looking for great dogs for Elsa to play with and when we have a chance meeting and fun romp with another dog, great.  Each and every positive interaction will help to ensure that when the ones come that are not positive, they will have less lasting effect.

Have a great weekend with your pooch, whatever age they might be.