Dog talk

Yesterday I sat watching Elsa and Penny play for hours.  I could literally watch them for the entire day but I wouldn't get much done, not that I did get a whole lot done yesterday anyway but they would also get too tired if they didn't have several intermissions.  By the end of the evening the two were in play induced comas.  Nice.  Elsa is a champion at reading and speaking dog.  Lots of dogs are but there are a good number who are just not great communicators, much like humans.

Elsa has always been good at reading other dogs but not just the reading; her responses are pretty much spot on.  Penny is pretty good, she is still learning and not always appropriate in her responses.  Some puppies are a bit more persistent and a little less in tune with the needs or desires of others.   Luke has made it quite clear that he is not interested in sparking up a relationship with her.  But with the sheer determination of a female Bull Terrier she is not giving up.  She wants him desperately to be her friend; even though he has made it very clear that he doesn't need anymore friends.

When Elsa and Penny were playing yesterday, little Penny lost interest for a while.  This is not okay with Elsa so she pulled out all her best "tempt them" tricks.  She lay down which got Penny's attention.  But it didn't work well enough to get her to come and play.  So Elsa ran and got a toy and dropped it to the ground.  Again she got Penny's attention but still not enough to entire her  in more play.  So Elsa picked up the toy and lay down; resting her head on the ground to look as tempting as she could.  It worked!!!!! Penny flew into action and Elsa was very happy.

Then last night the two girls were in the kitchen brawling.  They began a game of tug of war when Elsa decided to add some growling to the fun.  She hadn't displayed this during tugging yet and it through little Penny.  Her ears went down and her tail wagged fast and low.  She dropped to her side and did some slithering around.  It was very appropriate behavior from a puppy dealing with an angry adult.  Except that it was a play growl from Elsa that Penny didn't quite understand.  A few more play growls and she'll get the hang of it.  It's all a learning curve and they are all different in their curve of learning.  :)