Brad wiping out again, much more difficult for we humans.  

Slacklining; every heard of it?  I hadn't until my son introduced it to me via the internet.  One of the coolest videos that he showed me was of an amazing Border Collie doing it.

Dog slacklining video.

Not only is this dog amazingly talented physically; the bond between it's human and he is extraordinary.  There is much more than training going on in this video.  For me the video encompasses the trust between the two; the human/canine connection at it's best.  Yes this is a difficult task for the dog to accomplish but far more difficult for the human.  I know only too well how difficult it is.

Brad (my son) bought a slackline; he'd tried it several times over the last few days stating that it was much more difficult than he had anticipated.  I told him that it was something that I would really like to give a try.  When I was much younger I was very into gymnastics and one of my favorite pieces of equipment was the balance beam.  He assured me that it was not like a balance beam.  So off to the park we went yesterday afternoon with his slackline.

Time lapse to this morning (Monday morning) and I am now just able to walk.  Yep, I took a spill and somehow did in my knee.  Eight years ago I had a skiing accident and tore just about everything there is to tear in a knee.  Last night I was shuddering at the idea that I had done it again but to the other knee.  But I am up and walking this morning; I am determined that this will not be a lingering issue but we will see with time.   I have videos and photos of the event and even the actual wipe out but they are on Brad's phone and he is at work right now, so you'll have to wait to see them.

But back to the dog.....................amazing.  This is truly a team, there is no forcing, no yanking, no pulling.  Just a shared communication and such a close bond that communications are easy, calm and constant between the two.    The human is filling a very important part in this dog's life and making sure that he has the very essential mental and physical stimulus.  (Especially for a Border Collie).  The dog is filling the companion role to perfection.  Together they are an unstoppable team; working together, the way it should be.