What a pair

Penny came for a four day visit, and like every other time she has come over the two were playing before she can fully get in the front door.  Let the games begin.  

One of Penny's favorite things to do is stalk Elsa from across the yard and then launch.

Penny had just woke up from a nap here and wasn't quite ready to get started yet.  Elsa of course was.

What a stocky little body.

Penny always keeping a close eye on the neighborhood crows.

I just love capturing moments like this.  Here they were at a much more mellow stage of play but it looks like Penny is giving Elsa an earful. 

They joys of biting.  If you look closely you can see one missing tooth in Penny's mouth. Her gums are also swollen from teething.  Losing those little razor teeth, nice.

Elsa spotted a tiny twig on the ground, of course then Penny saw it too.  Elsa grabbed it and ran off with Penny following.  They played with that little twig for a while.  I thought of how we are amazed when Dolphins do things like this but for dogs it is quite normal. 

Eye on the ball but going for the leg take down to acquire it.

Another launch.

Sneak attack.

Yet another launch,

and another,

and another.

Obviously one of Penny's favorite things to do, launch.

Funny little pig/shark.

She is getting much more agile.

Too small to get up on Grandma's bed yet.

What a face.

It doesn't matter how many toys you have, they always want the same one.

Elsa loving every second.

Miss Penelope, a funny little girl.