These are approximately 7-8 inches long.  I always err on the longer side when dealing with chews.  I also really like the shape of these.  The extra piece gave the dogs something to hold onto.   Sent to us from to test and review. 

They arrived, our antlers or I should say the dog's antlers.  I've never given my dogs antlers before but was excited to give them a try.  Both of my guys are chewers; Elsa more so being a youngster but Luke likes a good chew as well.  I'd read up and done my research on antlers for dogs and was happy where these ones came from.  Bully Tested  - their antlers are naturally shed in the US, which is important.

Introducing the antler "yep, these are for you guys."   They sniffed and pushed it for a while.

Luke being more mature and experienced gave it a go first while Elsa watched intently.  

After much coaxing she gave it a try and never looked back.

After a bath and haircut the first thing she grabbed was her antler.  

She is having a good chew.

But having made a tactical error and gotten too close to Luke, she loses her antler momentarily.  

Of course there are two, but one is much better than the other.  

Don't worry, she got it back.  Luke just likes to take things to show her that he still can.  He always lets her have them back in a few minutes.  What a guy.  As you can see she has chewed the nub end, preferring that spot best.  

We also have a forked antler for Miss Penny.  She will be getting it in about a week and I will blog how that goes as well.  

As I type this blog Elsa has just ran down stairs and brought up one of the antlers.  It is definitely her go to chew right now.

                          Bully tested, yes; and Standard Poodle approved.

* Of course like anything you must supervise the use of antlers.  There is always a possibility of tooth damage when using hard chews.  So far both Elsa and Luke are simply enjoying them and have not had any issues.