Completion is near

First cover on the wall.  

I'm writing again; I took a long while off having published three books at the end of 2012.  It was a huge goal of mine to get two done and I actually got three completed so I was very happy.  As 2013 arrived I sat at my computer and had nothing; literally nothing to write.  I sat for a while and realized that it wasn't happening.  After writing this blog for many years I clearly know what writers block feels like.  I pushed away from the computer and took a break.  You cannot force writing; if you do it's not good, at least not for me.  When I write because I have to write it is forced and just not a great read.

Luke snoozing in the office

I've been back at it for a while.  First came the regrouping stage, getting my head on straight so to speak.  Then the writing, photographs and lots of work pulling everything together.  My next book out will be my second children's book in the Luke and Elsa series.  Having a passion for dogs, writing and photography it makes sense that my picture books seem to be my favorite to work on.  Having the chance to break up my writing with digital editing of my images and bringing them together is just the best.  I love writing but it can be tough to sit and do it for hours upon hours.  The children's book gives me just the perfect amount of two passions coming together.

Coming up with ideas for my books is easy; it just happens.  My life revolves around dogs and as my blog unfolds in my day to day so do my books.  I don't force book subject, they sort of land on my lap.  This new one is about how Elsa wants to fly; try, try, try and she just might.  As a Mom myself I know what messages that I want children to get.  This book will be about not giving up; when you really, really want something you must keep trying.

Elsa fell asleep on the job.  Her ever watchful eye had to have a nap.

After Elsa's flying book is done I am onto other books.  I have three others on the go including one just announced yesterday.  There are days when I am seriously focused on one book and it draws me in for the whole day.  Other days find me a little more scattered; bouncing around to several of my books.  As I write I am listening to the sounds of my two; Luke and Elsa who are my constant companions.  Luke typically sleeps while I write but there are moments when he likes to view his world through my office patio door.  Elsa is ever busy with a watchful eye on the comings and goings outside.  She does sleep and when the two are fast asleep and deep in their dreams I smile.  I love watching them sleep.  Occasionally they are motionless and silent; peaceful.  While other times their sleep is action packed; filled with whimpers, running and barking.  They are my inspiration.

                                              You can see all of my books here.

As my latest book is wrapping up on my computer it will go through the process of reading, re-reading, re-reading and proofing before it's arrival.  Stay tuned.  It will be a great summer read for the kids.  So then it will be onto more serious writing until the next title for the Luke and Elsa series lands on my lap.