The sun is just coming up; Elsa is leaning all of her 500 lbs on me making it impossible to move let alone type.  It's chilly so her warmth is very welcoming in the early hours.  She's got one eye closed and one open watching her Dad get ready.  Yesterday she went for a run so being the intelligent girl that she is, she knows that she may be going again today.  She is.  From her comfy spot crushing me she's up in a flash with a simply hand signal from Dad.  Luke is in his typical spot at the end of the bed and is more than happy to stay in bed with Mom.  It is after all only 5 am, much too early for an old guy to go jogging.

I love it when the days start to get longer; it is just light enough for a jog early in the morning.  Elsa loves to run, I swear it is what she was born to do.  When I watch her run, she reminds me of a cheetah.    Especially when she has a fresh new hair cut.  She most definitely looks the part of the sporty girl that she is.  But it was not that long ago that it was Luke who was the one running with Dad.  Even though he has never been gifted with the athletic body that Elsa has, he could run like the wind and loved it.  Now he runs for a moment or two and he's good to meander.   He loves to socialize and smell the roses so to speak.

Elsa's early morning run not only helps to release some energy but it is a good bonding time for her and her Dad.  She is always with me, we are basically attached at the hip.  Bonding only happens with time spent; you cannot force a relationship it must be built.  Elsa adores her Dad but needs more one on one time with him.  I remember when Luke started running alone with Steve; their relationship changed completely.  The more time spent the stronger the bond; it's a win, win for everyone.

I have had many men complain about their dogs liking the Mom in the family better than them.  The family got a dog because the husband wanted one.  Once they had it the dog chose Mom as his one and only.  This is common, it's  all about time spent interacting.  When I am asked how to make a dog like someone my response is always the same.  Spend time with your dog.  Not just time in the house with the dog; connection time. Of course the simple act of performing your canine duties does not qualify as interaction.  If you perform the basic jobs like feeding or walking the dog as a drone; do not expect a connection.  The act alone will not build a relationship, you must interact.  Your dog may not even know you; and for sure you do not know your dog if you do not interact.  Coexisting is not the same as interacting.

Coexist - To exist separately or independently but peaceably.

Interact - to act on or in close relation with each other.

Two different words with two entirely different meanings.  There are those who just exist with their dogs.  The dog lives in the house with the human and that's about it.  If you want to have a relationship with your dog you must interact, connect.  Get to know one another and do it often.  Once you have a connection with a dog you will realize what you've been missing out on.  There is nothing to compare to it.  Once you interact on a level that creates a connection; you will be forever changed.