Elsa just wants to have fun.

Elsa met a big buff boy at the beach the other day.  I'd been waiting for a couple of other dogs to leave before releasing the kracken; so when it was just this boy on the beach we headed over.  I never assume that an off leash dog is friendly, and always ask first.  I really wanted Elsa to rip before we left so I hoped that he was friendly.  As you know Elsa is ball crazy and tends to steal others balls;  so being that this guy was a male was a good thing.  I asked the owners if he was friendly before the release and they said "very friendly."

She really liked this guy but liked his tennis ball even more.   They ran without the ball for a bit but then the ball came out again.  He was just as crazy for the ball as Elsa and it wasn't quite as easy for her to steal it like she typically does.  What a happy face.  

She bounced around with joy as he just stood and watched her.  He was much more mature in age and although he enjoyed Elsa's company he was more into just retrieving his ball.

Elsa tryied to figure out how to get the ball from this big boy.  She is very good at knowing limits with different dogs; when she can and cannot push. 

He tries to dash past her with his ball but she's on him.  

Elsa cannot hide her joy of just being involved with the game.  "Come on, bring it back so they can throw it again."

I love the face on this big guy in this shot.  He is just trying to get the ball back to the thrower but Elsa's exuberance has made it more difficult for him.  His face says it all.  

Each and every positive interaction with other dogs is a big bonus.  Every dog is different so with each meeting there are new lessons learned.  As always we kept it a short visit.  She'd had fun, ran like crazy and everyone was happy; we left on a positive.