I'll take a double

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Two dogs, down from four.  Just over fourteen months ago I had four dogs.  We went from four to two in a matter of three weeks; a tough transition to say the least.  It was a huge change in the pack structure and work.  Taking care of two geriatric dogs with not only old age issues but both had other medical issues as well.  That and then throw in a puppy; it was most definitely overwhelming at times.  But I wouldn't have changed a second of it; except to remove the medical issues from my old girls if I somehow could have.  Not for me but for them; so that their last days here on earth would have been less of a struggle.

Adding Elsa to our life was one of the best and most impactful additions we've ever made.  I cannot imagine Luke having to have gone through the loss of two life long companions alone.  The idea of going out and leaving him alone on his couch would break my heart.  He has Elsa and she could not be a better companion for him if we had special ordered her to a t.  She was in fact special ordered though; sort of.  When adding additional dogs to an existing pack you need to do it with your brain, not your heart.  We had old dogs, very old dogs and the one who we were most worried about was Tilley.  She was completely non dominant and I did not want a young bitch coming in and destroying her last years by pushing.

I had gone through several litters before we got Elsa.  None seemed to be the match I was looking for.  I talked to Elsa's breeder and explained exactly what I needed.  I was willing to wait for the perfect dog; not perfect in herself but a perfect fit in our pack.  I would pass on her litter if the dog I was looking for was not there; but luckily for us she was and she is a perfect fit.  Seeing Luke and Elsa together is pure joy.  She is everything that he needs and he fills her requirements as well.  Sure he could be a bit younger and more willing to play but she is a cup half full girl and ADORES her Luke.  She has lots of other friends to really rough house with and a new little sister (Penny).

Is two a good number?  For us, right now it is a perfect number.  I am enjoying the heck out of these two and with everything else I have on my plate as far as photography and writing; two is perfect.  I love that we can take them wherever we go and don't have to leave anyone at home.  When we travel, they travel great.  But of course there comes a time when we will add another and that is not too far off.  We will wait to see what happens in the next year on whether it will be a girl or boy addition.  Time will tell us that.

One?  No.  I'm not a one dog person.  I think that every dog deserves a dog of their own.  I love canine behavior far too much to miss out on any of it.  I cannot imagine having one dog, not for long anyway.  I always dreamed of having five dogs; five was the number I wanted.  Now that I am down to two from four, I'm good; really, really good.

I'm not saying that everyone needs to have two or more but I do.  Two is great but only if you want two dogs.  I do know some people who get a second dog for their dog but they didn't really want a second dog themselves. Not a great idea.  Two dogs is double the work, especially in the beginning.  It is very important to give all the dogs in your pack individual time; that can take a lot of time with the more dogs you have.  Is there too many dogs?  I think so, but that is a very individual thing.

I could not be happier that Luke has Elsa and Elsa has Luke.  I don't think they could love each other any more than they do and I truly believe that they were meant to be where they are today.  Each has so much to give the other.  One?  No not me.