Someday She'll Fly

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It's here and I'm very excited about it.  Someday She'll Fly is the second book in the Luke and Elsa series of children's books.  Each book encompasses a life lesson for children told through Elsa and Luke's daily antics.  The books are narrated by me; being that dogs cannot talk and I'm not a fan of talking dogs.  All the illustrations are images from of their life; captured on a daily basis.  The images are worked up to create an illustrated feel after months of picking and choosing the ones to grace the pages of my book.

This book features Elsa with a few cameos from Luke (of course), Tilley and Elsa's friend Hank.  From the day Elsa joined our family it was clear that she was not satisfied with her life solely on the ground; as she spent much of it in the air.  The book came into it's own after shooting literally hundreds of leaping, take offs and flying Elsa images.  Her enthusiasm and dedication to the pursuit of being airborne play a huge part in the book.

Follow Luke and Elsa in the day to day on their brand new FB page - Luke and Elsa.

Life is full of lessons and sometimes getting a message across to children is not an easy one.  Tell it through some adorable pooches and the job is made much easier.  Dogs hold a great wealth of knowledge for us and our children.  Their actions alone can offer a plethora of stories to be told.  I am lucky to have both Luke and Elsa in my life to learn from and photograph daily.  They teach me about life through the eyes of a canine and I share it with you.

Onto the next book, there is a shelf ofthem waiting to be written.

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