Oh yes, I've written about this person before but I ran into her again today.  Let me ask you this... "should you have your dogs off leash if they will not come to you?"  I know, silly question.  But alas, there she was with her not so warm and fuzzy dogs OFF LEASH, again.  Luckily I spotted her from afar.  She was clear on the other side of the park when one of her dogs caught my attention.  We were done and heading out when I saw him so I just picked up my pace.  With Luke being so frail now a run in with some cranky dogs is not on my things to do list; so I am beyond careful with him and Elsa as well.  We got back to the car when she rounded the corner with one of her dogs.  The other?  Well, he was doing what he darn well pleased.

Her dogs had been on the other side of the fence from her which in itself is really stupid.  One dog had joined her on her side of the fence while the other decided not to.  I watched in amazement for a while before pulling out of the parking lot.  She called and called her dog who pretty much flipped her off and continued on his merry way.  She shrugged and followed him down the fence; her on one side and him on the other.  This is not a good situation unless of course you are out in the middle of nowhere with nothing to worry about. 

It doesn't matter how many times I see this; it still leaves me shaking my head in astonishment.  Another time I was standing talking to someone when her dog bolted off.  He was after squirrels and no matter how much she called he was not coming back until he was completely done.  Again, a very dangerous situation; you need to have control of your dog.  If your dog takes off, ignoring you completely then your dog should not be off leash.  Training needs to be started and consequences implemented. 

Just yesterday Elsa stopped, dropped her ball and began to sniff.  I yelled across the field "HEY," which is usually suffice to get her moving.  It was not so I gave her one chance; I called to her "Elsa Come," which is used very sparingly.  She stopped sniffing immediately; picked up her ball and headed to me.  Nice.  We have only had a couple of times where consequences were needed but she learned the lesson well.  Consequences for me are simply getting mad; calm and very steady go get the dog who is not coming and send them to the spot where I called them from. 

One of the last things I want to hear from someone when I ask them to put their dog on leash is "oh she won't come."  Really?