Holiday Gifts for Your Dog

While surfing through Amazon this morning (the joy of shopping in bed) I stumbled upon Oprah's favorite list.  Curious, I scrolled down the list; stopping on a few things that caught my eye.  Honestly, what sort of list is this?  I stopped on a cute dog blanket that was a whopping 395.00.  A list made for the the folks who have excess in the lives.  Who buys this stuff?  Not me.  

I (Sherri from Just dogs with Sherri) am a minimalist.  I admit that I LOVE new cool stuff to make life with Elsa more fun, easy or enjoyable but excessive stuff?  No thank you.  I much prefer to spend time rather than money on our relationship.  So what is Elsa getting for Christmas?  

Sherri's Best Gift List

Toys that I use and/or recommend

Beds and comfy stuff

Elsa will be receiving a new plush toy and package of her favorite toy in the entire world, large sized tennis balls and a new batch of Mom's homemade cookies made especially for her.  She will also enjoy extra time spent with the family as we will as well.  Sitting here in bed, with Elsa by my side we have enjoyed our morning snack.  We've kissed and snuggled and now her head is bobbling as she drifts back to dream land.  This is what it is about.

I'm not saying that gifts aren't wonderful; who doesn't love getting gifts?  But the best gift you can ever give anyone is your time and that includes our dogs.  Putting time spent together first and foremost is never, ever a bad idea.  

Have a wonderful Holiday Season and put time together up there on the top of your list.