Protecting our dogs-United Airlines


It's our job to protect our dogs.  We stand between our dog and everyone else; creating a shield of human guardian protection.  We are appointed this very serious obligation when we add a dog to our family.  That dog then becomes a member of the inner family circle and protected as such.   

I want to address the incident that was in the news yesterday.  A young French Bulldog died after being placed in the overhead compartment of a United Airlines flight.  The owner has stated that she was told to put the dog in the compartment.  If she was told that her dog needed to be placed in the overhead compartment, she should have declined (if she thought that it was not a good idea).  If the employees of United Airlines persisted, she should have left the plane.  

How much protection do we owe our dogs?  Complete and absolute.  

Common sense dictates that free flowing and fresh air does not exist in the airplane overhead.  How any canine guardians would allow their dog to be placed in the compartment and then have the hatch shutdown, I just do not understand.  I would think that most guardian would say "NO," at this type of request.  That and then follow up by standing strong on the protection of their dog. 

This is such a sad scenario in so many ways.  Not to mention a horrific death for the dog.  It is our job to protect those living beings in our care.  This never had to happen.  So many humans failed this dog but the sole responsibility lies on the dog's guardian.  

Guardian - a person who guards, protects, or preserves.

It's our job, bottom line.

I am not pointing fingers; I am simply stating that our dog's well being and safety is in our hands.  We as guardians should never do what we deem dangerous with our dogs; especially at someone else's request. 

Humans failed this dog.