Grooming your poodle

Today is grooming day.  With the temperatures rising, Elsa needs a shave.  She is a Standard Poodle and needs to loose some fluff to accommodate the upcoming weather change.  Elsa is a very active girl so keeping too much coat on her makes her uncomfortable.  Poodles and poodle mixes come with a grooming warning.   "Extensive grooming" most pages state.  With the regular grooming requirements can come big cost.  But it doesn't have to cost a fortune.  I have been grooming for almost forty years and love to share my experience with others.

"I can't do that" is almost always the response I hear when I tell others that I groom myself.  I am here to tell you that "YES YOU CAN."  Yep, if you want to groom your poodle, you can do it.  Should everyone groom their own dog?  Nope.  But those who want to, should.  If you have no desire to DIY then you shouldn't.

From the big fluffy and extensive groom of a show poodle to the easy peasy shave down and everything in-between.  I've done it all and can switch it up, touch it up whenever I like.  That is a huge benefit to doing it yourself; touching up whenever you like.  

There are many other reasons why grooming yourself is great.  

  • Bonding time.
  • Trust building.
  • Physical check up can be done regularly when grooming.
  • Your dog does not become stressed by having to go to the groomers.
  • Save literally thousands of $$$$$$$$$$

There is an initial expense of equipment; although you can do a great deal of grooming with very little equipment (which is thoroughly explained on both courses)  I groomed many poodles over the years with the bare minimum.  

Will your dog look amazing when you first dive into grooming?  Maybe, but chances are not.  It, like anything else you begin is a learning curve.  I have just started learning how to golf.  Am I great?  Nope.  

Grooming your own dog can be intimidating.  For this reason alone, I have created an in-between course.   Grooming in-between pro grooming visits can give you the confidence that you need to do full grooms.  

If you want to save a ton of money, want to groom your own dog, learn the ins and outs of maintenance, equipment and grooming techniques.  Take a look at my online courses listed above.  Oh.... and "YES YOU CAN," groom your own poodle.  In fact I know you can.  ;)