Take your life back

 Picture perfect - you can do it.  

Picture perfect - you can do it.  

I cannot tell you how many times I've heard "he doesn't want to," or "they won't stop."  Are you feeling like you've lost control of your life?  

Control - check or restraint.

Have you lost control?

Have you? 

Does your dog rule your life?  Are you feeling like your life is no longer your own?  Do you want to take your life back?  Read on.

We often let our dogs get away with behaviors that we later regret.  Our dogs will do what we allow them to do.  Taking charge does not have anything to do with being mean, cruel or bossy.  It has everything to do with guidance and creating a harmonious canine/human relationship.  Our dogs need us to step up to the plate.

Are you ready?

This all starts in your head.  You can do this, yes you can.  Is your dog charging out open doors?  Jumping all over you?  Counter surfing at will?  Whatever you don't want your dog to do, it is time to stop the behavior.  This all starts with you believing that you can be the one making and enforcing rules.

First, decide what you will allow in your home and life.  Next, think about how to control or stop the unwanted behaviors.  If you are at a loss and can't do it yourself, then get in touch with a positive reinforcement trainer to get you started.   A good trainer will give you the information needed to take your life back.  They should make you feel like you can do it; giving you the guidance to train your dog.

Life can be made better with a dog by your side, but sometimes it's worse.  If we allow the relationship to go amuck with no rules or boundaries set, it can go very bad.  A little guidance, modification and confidence can make a huge difference.  

If you need help, get it.  Life with dogs is amazing, and you can do this.