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All books on this page were written and published by me. Writing, photography and dogs are a big passion and when they can come together it’s an amazing opportunity for me. Each of my books has been written or photographed from my heart. Feedback For You And Your Dog was written with the new dog owner in mind. It has everything you need to know with a new dog. My children’s books have a life lesson within the images and story. My coffee table books are beautiful images of dogs in their surroundings; both outdoors and in. PBJ and Me along with And Back Again are true stories about a crazy time of my life when I drove across the county with four dogs and my son and then back again with two dogs and my husband. Moving Through the Loss of Your Canine Companion was my toughest write. It is for anyone who loves dogs because we will all be there at some point in time. I hope that you enjoy whatever you read. Sherri




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