K9 Consultations

Welcome to our K9 consultation page.  Each available consultation will be explained so that you the canine guardian can make the best choice as far as your individual needs.

Consultations are done through email or phone conversation.  Phone conversations are by appointment only and the email consultations start asap.  

Email behavior consultation

This service is by far the most immediate consult.  As soon as I receive your purchase you will be sent a questionnaire to fill out before we begin.  A set number of emails will be sent back and forth and you can spread the emails out as far as you like.  This means that after your first email reply from me; you can set to work immediately on some of your most pressing concerns.  You can take however long you like until your next email; giving you the ability to work to the point of needing more help.  

Choose between 5 emails and 10.  



k9 Loss consultation

This consultation is only available by phone.  An appointment will be set up through email contact and the consult will begin as soon as possible.  I understand that speaking with someone about your loss is extremely important for your healing process and I will attempt to book your appoint as soon as I am available.