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DIY In - Between Grooms

I have created a course that focuses precisely on the in between touch ups of grooming between full grooms. 

What if?

You Could do the in between stuff?

Wouldn't you love to be able to keep your poodle looking great all the time?

You Could Save A Lot Of Money?

Grooming the in between stuff can save you a lot of money.  By taking on the face, feet, tail and ear plucking you can keep a lot of money in your own pocket.  It can enable you to stretch the time between groomer visits.

Your Confidence would Grow As A Groomer?

Many poodle guardians start out with the in between grooms.  You can stay with just the in between or move on to full grooms once you get more confidence.  The great thing is that the choice is yours.  

 Learn what tools you need and how          to DIY In-Between Grooms

 Learn what tools you need and how          to DIY In-Between Grooms

You only needed minimal equipment?

There is very little equipment required for the in between grooms.  You can do a whole lot with one cordless trimmer.  

DIY In-Between Grooms
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