Just dogs with Sherri-mission

Our mission is to bring humans and canines into a symbiotic relationship.  Where each thrives with the presence of the other.  Alone they are just man and just dog; together they complete the perfection of a "canine lifestyle."

As long as I can remember, it has been all about dogs.  At Just dogs with Sherri we strive to create a more harmonious for you and your dog.  

Although dogs are incredibly intelligent and often seem to understand everything that we say, they are not furry humans. Our Mission at Just dogs with Sherri is to better your relationship with your dog/dogs.  Day to day can be amazing with our dogs but it can also be a huge challenge.  By learning about how dogs communicate, learn and see our world we can make our world together a better and more enjoyable place.  Through articles, photography, books, webinar sessions and online video courses we bring the human and canine connection to the next level. A true canine lifestyle.  

Past and future, we are dedicated to:

  • Helping canine guardians train and utilize positive behavior modification.
  • Training people to train their dogs.
  • Offering online consultations to help with canine issues around the world.
  • Helping canine guardians work through the loss of a canine companion via chat sessions.
  • Helping people save money and do their own grooming at home via online courses.
  • Sharing a wealth of canine experience and knowledge through published books.
  • Offering regular free live Q&A sessions.  Posted on our Facebook page.  

A few covers from when Photography took up most of my time.

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