Temperament testing

I am very passionate about temperament testing and believe that it is the best way to match puppies with new owners.  Canine temperament testing is available in Orange County, CA (outside of Orange County has an additional travel charge.)

Temperament testing is done when puppies are 49 days old or as close to that as possible.  

Why Sherri for your temperament test?  

  • Even the best of breeders are often surprised by test results.
  • Helps to make the best match for puppies and new owners.
  • Pick up on particular behaviors that might need addressing before being placed.
  • I do the official tests but also read between the lines.  
  • I will suggest what type of home each puppy would thrive in.
  • I come to your home to test the puppies.  

Puppies must be tested in an area that they have never been in before hand.  You must have an appropriate area for me to do the testing. 

I use the Volhard puppy appitude test with a few of my own tests that I have added over the years.  

Cost is $30.00 per puppy in the litter, plus travel cost of 20.00 - 50.00.  Higher travel cost be incurred outside of Orange County, CA.

Email or call me to set up an appointment.