Online consultations

In several instances I asked for your help in dealing/understanding my dogs, and I got great pleasure and relief in doing so. Your insights had a great impact on my dogs well being. From teaching me to read and understand my dogs correctly, helping us in critical moments with good advice in training, to new equipment, and sadly for us, you also taught us how to do the best for our dog when the saddest of the moments arrived. I can't thank you enough for sharing your experience with us with passing away.

Your wide knowledge and experience are a blessing for us and we hope to further enjoy them.

Wish you good luck


When using Sherri as a dog consultant, I found her to be first rate. She was super helpful in that she asked for LOTS of details, listened without judging, and gave thorough and insightful instruction as how to better cope with and handle my dog when in a stressful scenario. Her advice was spot on… it’s as if she knew what my dog was going through! And, I’ve used her tips to avoid other potentially stressful situations… and we have been free of any over-reactions. I would not hesitate to use her again… thank you Sherri! 




Online Grooming Course

The course has exceeded my expectations, Thanks.  Maureen

I've had poodles for many years...still learning from you.  Gayla

Thank you so much.  We enjoyed your classes and you're awesome.  Debbie

I feel more confident, thank you so much.  Libby

Thank you, you have put my grooming fears at ease.  Cheryl


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