Elsa and Sherri Regalbuto

Elsa and Sherri Regalbuto

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Sherri life revolves around dogs; all dogs whether she is training, shooting, writing about or just relaxing with; she can most often be found around the canine species.  

She has been involved with dogs for over 35 years.   Starting in the conformation ring at the age of 13 and moving onto obedience and behavior training.  After the birth of her three children she discovered positive reinforcement and never looked back. 

Once Sherri switched from conventional to positive; her relationship with dogs was never the same. She considers a dog's mind to be a wonderful and complicated thing.  Positive training meant finding solutions; watching, learning and implementing.  Sherri joined the APDT and attended the 6th Annual APDT Educational Conference in San Diego and continues extensive research on body language, markers, bridges, shaping and techniques used to better close the gap between the human and canine connection.  

Sherri spends most of her time training, writing and working on canine related information in order to help others improve their canine relationship.  




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