Groom your poodle at home

Wish you knew how to groom your own poodle? Have you thought about all the money you could save on grooming? Are you afraid to groom your poodle?



Learn how to groom your poodle at home, save money, build confidence and spend more quality time with your poodle.

What if?

You didn't have to rely on the groomer?

Wouldn't you love to groom your poodle whenever you felt like it?  If you had the ability to trim a little here and there to keep them looking great all the time?

You could reduce emotional and physical stress for your poodle?

Grooming your poodle in your home is a win, win.  Cut down on long hours of standing by breaking up grooming sessions.  Eliminate the hours spent at a grooming salon by doing it in your home where your poodle is stress free.  

You could save a lot of money?

Grooming your poodle at home will save you thousands of dollars over their lifetime.  More poodles means more money at the groomers.  The more poodles you have the more money you save by learning to Groom at Home.   

your confidence Could grow as a groomer?

Picking up a set of shears or clippers sends many poodle owners into a cold sweat.  Imagine having the  "I can do this," attitude when you pick up your grooming tools.

Poodle Grooming at Home with Sherri

Part 1 - Getting Your Dog Ready for Grooming

32:52 minutes.  Before the grooming begins, Part 1 gets you and your poodle ready for the process.  Preparation with each tool and step of grooming, so that you can have the confidence knowing that your poodle is comfortable and ready to be groomed. 

Part 2 - General Maintenance 

29:21 minutes.  General maintenance with poodles is extremely important.  I go over each step from nail cutting, ear plucking, brushing, bathing and more so that you will understand what needs attention. These steps are very important for a poodle guardian to perform so that you can easily recognize what is normal for your poodle.  

Part 3 - Face, Feet and Tail

30:19 minutes.    This is often a great place to start your grooming which can build your confidence for a full groom.  Each part is focused on with demonstration, explanation and discussion on the many choices you have as an at home groomer.  


Part 4 - Body Clipping and Scissoring

50:04 minutes.  Groom alongside me while I go over different blade lengths, styles and options there are in grooming poodles at home. Learn how to scissor a top knot, shape a tail, create poms or no poms. Gain confidence watching me as I demonstrate and explain the steps to Groom Your Poodle at Home.   

Bonus - Grooming Tools

13:22 minutes.  Learn what you really need to start grooming at home.  From in between grooms to doing head full grooms yourself.  I cover everything you will need to do it yourself.  


What students are saying:

The course has exceeded my expectations, Thanks.  Maureen

I've had poodles for many years...still learning from you.  Gayla

Thank you so much.  We enjoyed your classes and you're awesome.  Debbie

I feel more confident, thank you so much.  Libby

Thank you, you have put my grooming fears at ease.  Cheryl


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Four in-depth Grooming at Home videos to watch and learn at your own pace.

Grooming with me while I groom Elsa.

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Poodle Grooming at Home with Sherri
Learn to Groom

Learn to groom your poodle with Sherri.  Sherri has been grooming poodles at home for over 30 years.  She has groomed all styles of clips, from the show clip to a complete shave utility clip.  Her "you can do this" style of teaching is empowering and confidence building to anyone wanting to groom their poodle at home.