Life's a beach

I spent Friday morning at Huntington Dog Beach; I hadn't been for far too long so it was great to get back. I know I just put up a display of water images but I wanted to share a few of my beach shots as well. The dog beach is a fun day for all dogs; big, little, long, short and everything in between. It's a social event for sure and Friday was a great one.

This gal was a hunting dog from New York, no doubt enjoying the California sun.

As I pulled into the parking lot alongside the beach, it was busy.  It's almost always busy, it's a popular place.  But I was lucky to grab a spot right away.  I threw some quarters into the meter, grabbed my camera and head out.  I was immediately scanning for dogs heading down to the beach, I can barely wait to get down there.  As I was heading down I noticed they'd put in some permanent restrooms, nice.  And the pathway down to the beach was resurfaced since I'd been which was great.

The sun was shining, and just there was just enough breeze to keep it from heating up too bad.  It was a glorious day and by the looks of all the tongues hanging out and tails wagging, everyone was having fun.

                                                           This girl was having the time of her life.

 Although the parking lot had been crowded the beach was quiet.  This area is also a big surf zone so many of the cars are not dog cars.  I sat and watched the goings on and then started shooting.  Talking to all the great dog owners at the beach is just about as much fun as capturing the dogs having fun.  And this day was just pure energy and fun for everyone concerned.

         It is so interesting watching the dogs do their initial greeting.  I could watch their behaviors all day long.

What a cutie.

I thought these guys knew each other.  But after talking to their owners I found out they'd just met.  They ran and played like they were long lost friends.

A boy on vacation from up North enjoying Huntington Dog Beach.

This little guy was one of the fastest dogs I've seen in a long time.  And smart, he kept diving into the water to cool off and then he was off again.

                                                                 Another Frenchie having fun.

I stayed a little over an hour, I never want to leave.  Just as one dog leaves another bunch arrives and I always feel like I'm going to miss out on some great shots.  But I'd left 3 long faced dogs at home so it was time to head home.  As usual on the drive home I take in the beautiful scenery down the PCH and can't wait to get back to HDB for another shoot.

I will be scheduling several ongoing beach shoots in the near future.  If you are interested in having your dog photographed, contact me at to find out dates and times.

This dog was amazing; I'm not accustom to seeing Huskies love the water quite as much as this gal did.

This was a big happy family, playing very rough and loving it.

Quite a variety at the beach.

A retrieving Doodle