Breakfast time

Breakfast time at my house is always at a different time.  It really depends on what the morning brings.  I don't exercise the dogs on full stomachs so usually we walk first, cool off and then eat.  Of course they always eat a small snack early with us in bed so they aren't too hungry.  This was yesterday morning, Monday morning which is all the dogs day off.  So once I got back from the gym it was breakfast time. 
They had chopped chicken, salmon, apple, cabbage and eggshells.  Mmmmmmmmmm.  You'd never guess that Jessie is almost 15 and suffering from dementia when it's food time.  The dogs all have their own spot where they eat so there is never any confusion about who's bowl is who's. 
Luke has a strange habit of waiting until Jessie is done eatting to eat his food.  He's just putting in time here while Jessie chows down.

Tilley eats laying down most of the time now.  When she was a puppy she use to eat like this and since being stricten with Vestibular disease it is more comfortable for her.

This is the bed in the corner of the kitchen where Jessie must go after she finishes.  She's not so great about going there since her dementia is getting worse but once there with some help she'll stay until released.  What a cutie.

Tilley is done and Luke is just starting, now that Jessie is done.

A rare glimpse of Luke actually eating. 

Jessie waiting to be released.

After being released  Jessie cleans the place up.  Luke is a slob and does not pick up food on the floor let alone crumbs.

So there you have it; Monday morning breakfast at my house.  Feeding time is a calm and relaxed time.  With everyone understanding that there is no food stealing from anyone, there is no stress once so ever.  Nice.