Time to break the chain

Yes; it is time to break the chain.  Chain collars, chain leashes and chain tethers.  No more chain, let's all go chainless.  There should be no more association to dogs and chains. other than maybe chain link fencing. 
Yesterday I saw a woman walking down the street using a big chain leash.  The whole concept of chain leashes boggles my mind.  They are not only uncomfortable for a dog to haul around on their neck but they are uncomfortable for humans to use.  You can't bunch them up, they're heavy and kill your hands should your dog decide to give you a yank.  I just cannot wrap my brain around using chain leashes.

As far as neck attire? No, never, no more, not again.  No chains around necks.  There is just no need for them.  We have come a long way since yanking our dogs around by a chain to whip them into shape.  We can now lose the chains.  Can you imagine how much it hurts to be yanked on a chain continually?  Perhaps there will not be any visible damage on the outside but who knows what's going on inside.  With continual yanking, tightening and constricting one can only imagine what damage is being done to all the soft tissue, tendons and more.  Of course I don't want to see any dog yanked on any type of collar or leash.  Our poor dog's neck have taken a huge amount of abuse over the years.

Now; let's talk about the chains that binds.  A chained dog, tide to a tree, a dog house, a pole etc.  There life plays out in a small circular confine, day in and day out each step just like the one before.  This chained life is no life for a dog.  I'm not speaking about the occasional time when we all have to tie our dogs.  I am talking about life on the end of a chain with no freedom, no life, no point.  I just don't understand why people acquire dogs and then tie them outside on a chain.  Dogs are not decor for the yard, that's what patio furniture and garden gnomes are for. 

I recently read an article about a dog who hung herself after jumping over a fence.  Sadly she was a tied dog and hung before anyone could save her.  Dogs deserve so much more than to be treated as a material object chained to your property.  The people who tie dogs in the yard have no idea what they are missing.  They have yet to be touched by a dog and sadly may never be.  To many of these people dogs are "just dogs" in the bad sense of the term.  But things are changing, slowly but there is definitely a movement towards more humane treatment for animals in general.  One voice can be a strong one.  If each person speaks out against chain, one voice becomes a movement. 

I am happy to say that there are many groups who are trying to have tethering of dogs outlawed.  Perhaps someday there will be no more chained dogs.

Dogs deserve better

Unchain your dog

The only chain I want to see around a neck is my own.  And more than likely there will be a paw print or blinged out bone hanging from it.  :)