Cleaning up - four paws up for Earthpawz

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First let me say that Earthpawz was having a bit of technical difficulties yesterday so if you can't get on their site, please try again later.  Definitely worth the effort. 

I recently received a new cleaning product to try.  Of course these are dog related cleaning supplies.  The company is called Earthpawz it's new and growing fast.  I first got wind of the products and company after seeing that it was being given away at the Oscars no less.  Earthpawz is a Canadian company owned by
Taren de St. Croix of Brantford, Ontario, Canada.  The company lauched it's products in September of 2009 and has exploded onto the market.

Luke; checking out the news guys in town.

If they were giving it away to the big celebrities at the Oscars, I figured that it had to be good.  I received my box of goodies and could not wait to give them a try, even if it meant cleaning.  And conveniently enough I had two pukey messes to clean up the day after my cleaning products arrived.  It worked great, my carpet is clean.  Much cleaner than when I use my normal carpet cleaner and now I don't have to worry about what I'm putting on the carpet. 

I think the biggest impact with these products, aside from the fact that they actually work is the message.  Each time I used the products I considered that this was not bad for my dogs.  I am already very conscious about what I use in my house but these products are meant to be used in a home with dogs.  My dogs don't drink out of the toilet but I know many that do, this is a wonderful idea.  Regular toilet cleaner can be some of the most toxic substance out there; extremely dangerous if your dog ever got into it.  This is not.

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Then I tackled the windows, you know all those nose prints?  I have them literally everywhere, anywhere there is a window at dog level, it is covered in nose prints.  As I sprayed the product on the window I again considered the fact that the dogs press their face up against the window.  Imagine using a toxic product to clean the window?  Earthpawz is dog friendly so spray away those nose prints knowing that you are not harming your canine. 

I've cleaned the baseboards, windows, toilets, carpet and last but not least the kitchen floor.  The marks came off the floor like a breeze and my floor is sparkling clean.  All of these products are pet friendly and work great, what's not to love.  What a great idea and I or we give it a four paws up for sure.