A k9 heart

How many times has a human let you down? If you are like most people; your answer will be often. This morning I was having a bit of bloggers block; it happens now and again so off to the gym I went. On my return; I was welcomed with an exhuberant display from a tiny Jack Russell doing her best "wild stallion" display. She grabbed her toy and stomped her way through the house at top speed. She had seen me coming; she was looking out the front window as I pulled into the driveway so as soon as I came through the door the show began.

How great is it to be greeted by your dog? After my big JRT greeting Tilley came flying down the stairs with her tail wagging and her teeth giving me the biggest grin. Geesh; I'd only been gone maybe 35 min. but they were overjoyed to see me. This old lady was acting like she was just given a shot of super juice and charged around barking and growling up a storm. She did the best "huge" greeting that her old legs could muster. We ran out the back door to continue our big event as she latched onto my arm the way she use to many years ago.

I knew it was only a matter of time before all the excitement got Luke out of bed. He watched from the livingroom until he could stand it no more and charged out to join in the fun. I don't know what got into Tilley this morning but she was surely excited to see me. It is a bit sad to see her mind going through the process but her legs have a hard time keeping up. But no matter; this morning made me smile, her sheer happiness made me happy. It is contagious; watching dogs have fun and being happy just for sake of being happy makes you happy.

Although the elaborate greetings are wonderful ; sometimes it is in the quiet times that you come to the realization; just how wonderful dogs really are. They seldom talk back; never put you down, never lie (that's a biggy), never disappoint you, worship the ground you walk on, hang on your every word and are always, always there for you. Dogs are great listeners; something that I try very hard to be but they are naturals at it. You can tell them your deepest darkest secrets and they won't tell anyone........Mom's the word.

My husband commented earlier this week "dogs are way happier than people." This is so true; my dogs are rarely in a grump and the worst of it is usually that they don't feel like obliging to one of my requests. They are up and ready all the time; even at the age of 12 and 13 my old girls are up for fun. And now that it is there time in life for all the special tlc they are still giving. When your really need a hug they are there to give them out freely; they seem to draw away all the bad and fill you with peace and happiness once again. Amazing what one simple hug can do for a human. Canines have amazing healing power; simply by being a dog.