Ah gotcha didn't I, you thought I was going to boast about a perfect speciman and you wanted to know who and what that was. Well, I'm here to tell you that the perfect dog does not exist; nor does the perfect human for that matter. Each dog is an individual and with that comes personality traits, temperament good, bad quirks and all. My dogs all have something, every dog I've ever met had something.

Some of the biggest surprises with regards to perfection are from the dogs who seem to be almost perfect. The amazing statuesque Great Dane I met on a beach, terrified by my camera. The adorable little white poodle who loved nothing more than to sit in your lap, just don't touch his food. The big tough German Shepherd who would scare anyone by her appearance, big chicken at heart. Or even my seemingly perfect Tilley has obsessive compulsive disorder. So I am very sorry to give you this news but there is no perfect dog and if you are looking for one? You'll be searching into eternity.

But with all their quirks and strange behaviors they are all wonderful. Sure some are more work than others, some you actually need a professionals help to change some of the worst behaviors and some are what they are. You can always work with odd behaviors but there are some behaviors that run very deep, and will not change. What we really work to change in dogs is more how they react to things. We try to reassociate for them; change how they feel about a certain situation.

Say you have a dog that is afraid of garbage cans on the street. Why? who knows but you can help them with this issue by changing how they feel about garbage cans on the street. By using baby steps and something they love, whether it be a ball or liver and slowly teach them that when garbage cans are out they get to play catch or eat liver and that's the only time. All of a sudden your dog will be looking for those cans to be there.

My Luke is one of the quirkiest dogs I've ever met, he is a true nervous ninny and for all of his weird behaviors I love him even more; because he is my Luke and that is who he is.