Beach boy

This morning I needed a change so Luke and I hopped in the car and headed to the beach.  I wasn't sure what beach I was going to but I was going West.  I decided to hit The Montage, a regular place that we like to walk, good parking, nice paths and beach.  It won't be long and the dogs will not be allowed on the beach again.  Starting the end of May into mid September dogs are no longer permitted on the beaches.  That is except for specific dog beaches.  We can walk around the beach, look at the beach and stand beside it but no dog feet on the beach during the summer months.

I'm not a fan of this rule; obviously but I get it.  Our beaches quickly go from very quiet to unbelievably crowded.  I love the beaches mid winter here in SoCal, sometimes it's just me and the dogs.  Hit the beach in the middle of summer, the tourist season and you'd be lucky to find a 3'x3' spot to sit.  I don't visit them much in the summer.  Today was quiet, lots of spots to park just the way I like it.  We head out for our walk heading to the beach.  Luke is so excited to get going he can barely control himself. 

She was eating a stick that her Dad didn't want her to have.

We first met a guy with his Great Dane, she was beautiful.  As we approached of course I asked if she was friendly, and she was.  Luke has never met a Great Dane before, at least I don't think he had.  He seemed to like her.  We chatted about this wonderful girl as Luke started to dig.  A little mystified as to what Luke was doing she let out a couple of very big barks.  Luke's ears shot back and he stopped digging.  I just know she wanted off leash, they could have had a blast, oh well.  We said our goodbyes and moved on.

Luke loves to walk in the water, and unfortunately he also likes to drink it.  Not a lot, just a few sips but he shouldn't drink any of it.  So I'm constantly watching for the head lowering so that he can sneak a sip.  Plus I always bring bottled water for him so it's not that he is thirsty, he just likes to grab a sip.  We checked out the tide pools, Luke climbed some rocks but when I asked him to go into a cave like rock formation he was too scared.  We watched the birds, Luke loves the ones that run along the waters edge and charges them in hopes of catching one.  Then we just sat and took in the view, which is pretty amazing.

As we head out towards the parking lot we ran into a nice family with a feisty Scottish Terrier and a 7 month old standard poodle pup.  He was as black as coal and cute as a button.  We chatted a bit and then headed for home.  Luke had another drink of water in the car, some snacks and then we were off.  Another very nice day at the beach with my boy.