New Vet

Not the way I like to go about looking for a new Veterinarian but I was forced to find one quick.  I have a Vet that I like a lot but she is a good 40 min. drive and my close Vet up and moved.  He never told me he was leaving; I heard it through the grape vine.  So I called this morning to find out about his replacement and the replacement was not there, so I looked around to find a new Vet.  The reason I had to find a new Vet today and first thing this morning was the fact that Luke had a very swollen foot.

We came home lastnight from dinner to find Luke frantically chewing his foot and limping.  I had no idea what was going on with his foot so got out my glasses and lay him down to find out.  After much proding; he looked like he had a very swollen foot.  He was in a great deal of pain and would not stop licking it.  So I decided to give him a pain killer, put him to bed and call the Vet first thing.  Hmmmmm; but who was I going to call? 

On the computer and surfing like mad to find a new Vet I came across one that is literally 3 minutes form my house.  It is a big facility that has a boarding kennel and does rescue as well.  It is fairly hidden; I guess that's why I'd never seen it.  Like I said I didn't have much time; so I made an appointment.  They fit me in early which I liked and the staff was very friendly and efficient.  One of the biggest differences from any Veterinarians offices that I have visited was the food in the lobby; it wasn't Science Diet.  I was amazed and thoroughly iimpressed; it was Orijen, the food that I give my dogs.

Luke was much more at ease than normal; although he was drugged up on painkillers.  He only growled once and that was at one of the techs that he'd already met.  It's all about approach and entry for Luke; so when the actual Vet came in I shuffled Luke as he came into the door.  Luke didn't growl and my now new Veterinarian ignored Luke, nice.  The Vet asked me many questions about Luke; gave him a thorough exam and finally checked his foot.  His prognosis was spider bite. 

We've been through this before and hope that it does not turn out to be the same drawn out sage of pain and wounds like Tilley had years ago.  But we found a great new Vet and we'll be back.