I've had a couple of great shoots this week; these are just a few of the images.  My absolute favorite type of photography is action.  The shots that you would have otherwise never seen.  Missed by our human eye.  After an action shoot I can't wait to get home to see what I've captured.  Often I am hoping that I got the shot that I think that I got.  And sometimes I'm completely surprised by what I captured.  Action shots can be so fast that you cannot catch the small but amazing images with our naked eye.

Action usually means fun.  Being that I shoot dogs, most shots are either running, swimming, jumping, diving, or catching etc.  So for a dog, this means fun.  And tons of fun for me as well.

A dog in motion is a thing of beauty, at least for me.  Of course I love most shots of dogs, sleeping, eating, playing and pretty much everything a dog does.  But if I had to choose............. it is action, a thing of beauty.